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Some basic concepts of Chemistry

  • Importance of chemistry
  • Atomic and molecular masses
  • Uncertainty in measurement
  • Mole concept, molar mass, & percentage composition
  • Law of chemical combination
  • Stoichiometry

Structure of atom

  • Discovery of subatomic particles
  • Bohr's model of hydrogen atom
  • Atomic models
  • Towards Quantum mechanical model of the atom
  • Wave nature of electromagnetic radiation
  • Quantum mechanical model of atom

Classification of elements & periodicity in properties

  • Modern periodic table
  • Periodic trend in chemical properties of elements
  • s, p, d, f subshells
  • Periodic trends in physical properties of elements

Chemical bonding and molecular structure

  • Kossel-Lewis approach to chemical bond
  • VSEPR theory
  • Bond energies
  • Hybridisation
  • Bond parameters

Chemical Thermodynamics

  • Intermolecular forces
  • Partial pressure
  • Intermolecular Vs thermal interaction
  • Towards Quantum mechanical model of the atom
  • Kinetic energy and molecular speeds
  • Gas laws


  • Law of chemical equilibrium & equilibrium constant
  • Ionisation of acids and bases
  • Applications of equilibrium constants
  • Acid-base equilibria
  • Factors affecting equilibria
  • Ionic equilibrium: Acids, bases, & salts

Redox reactions

  • Oxidation and reduction- classical idea
  • Types of Redox reactions
  • Redox reactions in terms of electrons
  • Balancing a redox reaction
  • Oxidation number


  • Properties and reactions of dihydrogen
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Hydrides
  • Water

The p-block elements

  • Group-13 elements
  • Group-14 elements

Organic chemistry - Some basic principles and techniques

  • Intro to organic chemistry
  • Isomerism
  • Tetravalence of carbon: Shapes of organic compounds
  • Structural representations of organic compounds
  • Law of chemical combination
  • Stoichiometry


  • Classification
  • Alkynes: Structure, nomenclature, isomerism, & preparation
  • Alkanes: Nomenclature and isomerism
  • Alkynes: Properties
  • Elimination reactions